Our 2023 puppy price is $1500.   We require a $200 non-refundable deposit to reserve a puppy.
Puppy selection is determined by when the deposit is received.                      

Sorry, we don't ship our puppies. 

All puppies come with a 2 yr puppy warranty, are vet checked, have their first set of shots and are wormed several times.  Our puppies are sold by written contract with limited AKC registration and a spay/neuter clause. 
Our puppies are sold as family pets with limited AKC registration which has no bearing on a dog's potential to be an excellent representative of its breed and a wonderful pet.  
Limited registration only means that the offspring produced by a dog with limited registration are not eligible for registration. 

Our puppies spend the first weeks of their lives in our home and are socialized and evaluated as to each ones particular temperament. That way we can help you decide which puppy will be right for you! 

You may reserve a puppy with a deposit and then he or she will be able to go home with you at 8 weeks old. 
By 6 weeks, the puppy's 
personality is pretty clear, shy or outgoing, rambunctious or laid back, etc.  We will be happy to help you find just the right personality you are looking for in your new best friend. 

Also, the order the puppy is chosen is determined by the time of deposit, so if you would like an early pick of the litter, 
a deposit will hold your spot!
Last updated 03/22/23
All our dogs and puppies are on NuVet .  
This fantastic all natural supplement is not sold in stores
Just one wafer a day provides your new puppy the best start for a healthy life.  
To order call 1-800-474-7044 and use code 81827.  
Or order online at www.nuvet.com/81827. 

Please  email me at the address above   or submit the Puppy info form for more information or  to reserve a puppy!
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Maji & J.R.'s Litter   2020
    Bunny Rabbit Litter      
   Polly   (Flopsy)
  Scout     (Cotton Tail)
   Suki    (Mopsy)
         Tilly    (Thumper)
   Clover   (Bunny Blue)
  Bailey  (Trix Rabbit)
     Tuzik    ( Peter Rabbit )
     Jack     (Bugs Bunny)

Email or send info form to be placed on waiting list for future litters.    
Rio & Remington's Litter  2020
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   Lilly Rayne (June-bug) 
     Brady Bugs (Peepers)
  Summertime litter      
Maisie & Remington's litter   2020
  Forth of July Litter 
    Goose (Independence)
        Ozzie  (Firecracker )
      Winston (Sparkler )
    Mabel (Liberty)
   Valkyrie ( Ol' Glory)
      Pippa  (Justice)
      Penny (Freedom) 
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 Buttercup & Ruger's litter   2020
 " Aren't They Sweet " Litter
      Addy (Sugar)  
     Dolly (Honey)
       Elly Mae (Coco)
   Sullivan  (Powdered sugar) 
    Ripley  (Brown Sugar)
     Moe  ( Molasses) 
       Scout (Cane) 
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 Maisie and Remington's litter   2021
 Favorite Disney Characters Litter 
             Riley (Dory) 
           Maisie  (Ariel)
      Maple (Jasmine)
         Jax  (Aladdin)
        Hooper (Nemo)
         Henry  (Simba)
        Kingsley  (Woody)
               Sully (Sully) 
 Rio and Dean's litter   2021
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Favorite Ice Cream litter 
      Gracie May 
    Maggie May 
 Jamocha Almond Fudge
      Rocky Road  
    Carmel Waffle Cone
      Cookie Dough 
   Butter Pecan 
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 Rio and Dean's litter   2022
Comic Book Exclamations!!!!!
          Bo   (Wham!) 
    Oliver  (Swoosh!)
     Riley  (Boing!) 
       Boomer   (Kaboom!) 
    Dale  (Pow!)
    Shay  (Poof!)
   Cooper (Zap!)
   Graham   (Bam!)
  Buttercup and Dean's litter  2022
  Precious Gems Litter  
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   Sophie (Ruby) 
     Ruby (Opal)
    Ozzie  (Jade)
   Archie  (Jasper)
  Gunner (Tiger's Eye)
 My Favorite Bears Litter 
 Buttercup & Rocco's litter 
     Phoebe (Winnie) 
    Findlay  (Share Bear )
   Arya   (Snuggles)  
   Charlotte (Sugar Bear)
   Brie  (Boo Boo)
   Tucker (Smokey the Bear)
     Finn  (Baloo) 
    Mozart  (Paddington) 
      Ollie  (Yogi Bear)
Maisie and Topaz's puppies have arrived,  2 beautiful, healthy females .  Both are spoken for.    
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 Maisie and Topaz litter   2023
  Valentine's  Litter  
   6 weeks old